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作者:徐露露、… 来源:英语科组 点击数: 更新时间:2019/4/16

Good morning, everyone! My name is Xu Lulu, from Class 11, Grade two.

My name is Zhu Sifan, from Class 20, Grade two.

Today, I’ m very glad to stand here and share my most sincere speech--'Flying youth, master our future!'


Life is a process of growing up. Saying goodbye to childhood, we step into another important time of life, facing new situations, dealing with different problems..... However, who can really say what youth is? A period of time? A belief? An attitude to life? Or anything else?


Actually, everyone has his own understanding. Just like a famous poet said "youth is a lovely song, where nothing is impossible; youth is a meaningful book, which you'll be never bored of; youth is a rapid river, which keeps on flowing day and night; youth is a cup of tea, which shows you different kinds of tastes in your life."


As youth is so precious, of course, we must treasure it. Don't let the limited time pass by.


So, what should we do when we are young? First, think of what we'd like to be some day. A teacher? A doctor? A writer? Don't be afraid. Since we are young, we can dream of doing anything and becoming anyone in the future.


What's more, never ignore the power of knowledge. Read more books and travel around.


Most importantly, stick to our dream. After all, future is not all roses. We should have enough courage and determination to overcome all the difficulties. I firmly believe one sentence---If you think you can, of course you can! Just keep on walking towards our dream.


Flying youth, master our future.


That's all. Thank you !

撰稿人:徐露露、朱思凡  校对人:刘亮、李显刚等  撰稿单位:中山市小榄中学(中山市外国语学校)


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